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really want to get a cockapoo but need advice

I really want to get a cockapoo i have done lots of research and think it would be the perfect companion for me. The stumbling blocks i have is that i am self employed and on average 2 days a week i go out to work about 7am and return about 5.30pm and apart from that i work from home. I am worried about leaving a dog alone all day. also about 3 times a year i go away for 2 weeks so the dog would have to go into kennels and i wonder whether this is fair. I am on my own and really would like a companion and i know the dog would have a wonderful home but i am also concerned that i give it the best home. How would the dog cope when i am out all day and is it wrong to put a dog in kennels for this length of time. although i must say the local kennels are great and love the dogs as their own. I want to look at every angle before i make the committment.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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