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Fred the cockapoo
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Hello Everyone, what an amazing forum this is. I've been reading loads of posts and there is so much valuable information so thanks all for sharing your stories and comments.
We have reserved a F1b cockapoo girl (3/4 cocker, with Cocker Spaniel Mum and Cockapoo Dad) who will be coming home in a couple of weeks.

I noticed that this mix is far less frequent than the cockapoo x poodle F1b mix, and was wondering if those with a F1b (3/4 cocker) dog would like to share their pictures (pups and/or adults), or comment on their general appearance to have as a reference.
I know variations can be huge, but it would be lovely to see your F1b cockapoo furry friends!

I've added a picture of her at 2.5 weeks.
Thanks in advance and best wishes to all

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Hi! My little man is a F2 cockapoo (so 50/50 cocker and poodle) but at 9 weeks he definitely has more of a spaniel look to him and I haven’t found any others that look like him until I saw your post! Everyone who sees his picture says they can’t see any poodle in him, I don’t mind though, he’s beautiful, as is your little one!
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