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hi how is everyone getting on with the fireworks? we got a small box of them and let them of in the garden with wispa outside with us and she just sat on the swing bench and went to sleep! we then got the big 1 out and still she wasn't bothered. so i think she is so chilled out she just doesn't care! lol :cool:
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We stayed in for Stanleys firstly bonfire night but we're really pleased and surprised when he didn't react at all. No stress just sat in the house and watched through the patio doors. I even took him out tonight for a walk and despite several fireworks going off not a problem
yeah went well here one bight one was a bit much for Delta and Inca i had them out in the garden and it was the house facing our garden that the big one went off.

very angry though as some yob chucked a firework at my friend when she was walking her collie, she is now having problems getting her out the door at night, and the last couple of nights have been a nightmair with all the bangs grrrrrrr
Dylan was completely chilled when he was indoors but just a bit unsettled when we let him out in the garden. Generally they seem to be pretty calm dogs which is just as well as firework night seems to go on for weeks these days.
Gosh Kendal thats disgusting just cant believe some people hope everything turns out ok . Yes Wilf s always been fien we've taken him out on new years eve for a walk before now no problems x
that all good to hear, im so pleased with wispa not a flinch when we let of some big ones in the garden, she just stayed all snuggled up on the bench. :D
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