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Sat on my "day quilt!!" watching This Morning and they are doing first aid for dogs, dressings and CPR .... shut the muzzle and blow into the nose.
* use hind leg to check for pulse.
*do "mouth to nose"for rescue breaths, pull the tongue out slightly and shut
the mouth then blow threw the nose.
*do a breath every 5 sec
*place on the right side and do chest compressions with one hand.
*get to the vets.

Hope this item is nt an April fool cos if it is I've been had :confused:

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hey karen
god forbid anything happens to our pets and we have to perform mouth to mouth,,,,
i would just do it !!!!!and think about what went in his mouth after the event
sniffing other dog setc and eating cow poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol yuk!!!!
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