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first haircut?

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hi, when is the earliest age to get puppys haircut? My cockapoo is sooo curly and looks like he could do with a trim around his eyes, and also his ear hair plucked? Which i am very reluctant to do but i gather this stops him from getting infections.
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i cant remember when Gypsy and Inca gor their firsr cut but Echo was about 10 montbs i thing. but i was trimming her eyes paws and round her bum. delta is alot curlier rhan the others were so might need her done earlier.

you can take him the the groomers for just a bath and a trim its doesnt have ro be a full clip.
wow at 9 weeks you can do all that yourself, or atleast when you go the the groomer ask them if they can show you what to do. at nine weeks the most he will need is his eyes, bum and inbetween his paw pads done. i dont think the groomer would take him till he has had all his vaccinations.

if he wont sit still wait till he is sleeping and trim him up then, it is realy easy once youv dont is once or twice. you can get will round nore scissors from the pet shop.
can you post a larger photon of him so i can see har hairy he is.?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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