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First night done

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We collected Ted yesterday! He wimpered on the journey home, but as soon as he arrived he calmed down wonderfully.
We kept as close as we could to all the advice and put him to bed last night at 11:00. Didn't hear a peep until 6:00 this morning. (although the ear plugs helped in that area)
He slept in his crate (he was fine in there). He did leave a couple of presents in the crate for us to clean up this morning, but we were expecting that.
We absolutely love him to pieces. We would like to get him off the tinned food as soon as we can, but all that will come.
I'll get some photos on soon.
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Congratulations. Enjoy every moment. They go so quickly x

Jeanie x
Jeanie, He is going to look just like the dog in your photo.
Cant see photos :( :( .... congrats on your puppy ... enjoy every second with him :)
Congrats on the new pup and a great first night! Mollie still leaves us pressies every morning - but we think that is cos she loves us so !!
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