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First night

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First night with Daisy last night, and after the first 2 hours she cried and barked for about 30 minutes before calming down which is when my husband went down and took her out to the toilet. She then stayed quiet all night I came down at 6.15 and she was sat up in her crate, I found one of my husbands slippers in the crate which I presume he gave her to try to keep her calm and it appears to have worked! I gave her lots of praise and a little treat. She is not bothered about going back in the crate, in fact does it quite voluntarily.

My question is did we do right by leaving her so long before going to her, it felt really mean?
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Soinds like everything went perfict. well done. the slippers were a fab idea. but just be prepared for them to get chewed up as she gers a little older. let us know how tonight goes.
Its not like him to be so inspired! If it keeps her calm it will be worth it. I can't believe what a calm little dog she is (even with the 30 minutes of crying). She is currently fast asleep on my lap. We have been so lucky so far!
I am totally weak and cannot bear to hear mine cry not even for 5 minutes! I put their crates in my bedroom when they were tiny. Now they don't care where they sleep, they usually choose their own spot- Dexter likes the prickly doormat in the hall where there is a draught under the door. Bonnie will sometimes sleep in someone's bedroom or at other times she prefers to sleep halfway up the stairs! Wherever they sleep they dont bother or disturb us.
I had my first night with my pup too last night he cried for about ten fifteen minutes when we went to bed but left him untill the morning an he was fine - its so hard to ignore it a you want to pick them up and reassure them but they need to learn right from the start bed time is bed time good luck for your second night :)
Me too... Pickle whined when we put him to bed but put the top I was wearing in with him and then I got up at 6.30 as we hadn't heard a peep out of him andI got worried lol. But he is fine but I think missing his family a little and he is not that interested in breakfast only a few mouthfuls :(
Still waiting for Daisy to have her breakfast, she has just had another sleep and waiting for her to come out of her crate!! She seems content playing in there at the moment.
Awww - its so lovely reading about all these new pups ...Dexter seems like a big boy now ;)
Its definitely worth putting a worn T-shirt or something in the crate with them, it seems to settle them nicely smelling you :D

Sounds like a successful night to me.
I agree about them settling on something you have worn, mine used to love my daughter's nighty after she had worn it in bed for a week! They were in heaven and settled immediately!
I had the same problem with the crate at night... He cried on two occasions what seemed the whole night. I was so distressed worrying I was creating a puppy who will be anxious and sad however through advice of my vet and great advice on here I persevered. I brought a DAP plug in which is next to his crate and put the cover down on all sides except where the plug in is and he is so much better. I also decided to change my sleeping pattern as I was going to bed at 10:30. I now go about 11:30/12 and he now goes through to 6:30 :)

I expect this to change now and then, if he cries in the night unexpected I will, without sound or eye contact, let him out for a toilet just in case.

Always leave to door of the crate open in the day whilst you are there... Make sure it is covered... And throw some high quality treats in that you have not given before to create an inviting place for him to go to.

I am only toileting now as my concern was to reassure the crying and to make him settled. He is easy to catch with poos as he acts crazy and twist and turns so I put him straight out ... Wee's, I put him out straight after he drinks, wakes or watch him like a hawk for sniffing the ground.

He often comes back in and Wee's however those time I think it's because I didn't wait outside long enough. If he messes in the house I don't say anything except take him outside then say wee wee when he is out there (my word associated with toileting)

Whenever he does go outside I really overpraise and give a high quality treat (sausage bits from pets at home) as he then knows it was worth it.

zoe x :)

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