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First puppy

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Hello everyone,

We are picking up our new puppy in 2 weeks and 3 days (not that I am counting at all!) :)

My other half has had dogs before but this is our first experience of a puppy. I am a postgraduate student so will be at home with the new addition from day one - perfect! Although the temptation to entertain new puppy and not work will certainly be hard to resist!!

I just wondered if anyone had any advice about whether there is anything I can take with me when we go to pick him up to make his journey with us any easier (thankfully only a 30/40 minute drive away!)?

Also - what have people found best to put in his new soft 'crate' when he gets to his new home in order to help him relax? I just want to make his first big journey and his first few days as easy and comfortable as possible! Any advice would be great!

Thanks guys!

:) Kara
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For "bedding" we used vet bed. I got a roll from ebay which gave me enough to cut 3 pieces to fit the crate. I was soooo glad that I had three pieces as I seemed to spend the first 2 weeks washing vet bed every day, sometimes twice a day!
Our puppy slept the entire way home - 2 hours. It was a nice ride :) We just made sure we had a nice warm blanket for her as the weather was a bit cool.

In hear crate we have a foam pad that we bought with the crate and than I put a bath towel and a blanket on top of that. It is a nice soft bed with lots of extra blankets that can easily be changed in case of an accident.
Ooo some good tips thank you! :)

I am now going on ebay to track down vets bedding and will find a blanket to make sure he is cosy on the journey back!
The people we got Polly from gave us a small blanket with the smell of her mum and sister on to put in her crate, although, to be honest, I'm not sure she needed it! But it was a nice thought. I got a soft teddy bear which has been her favourite ever since, although originally it was quite big for her, but now she dwarfs it! We use soft bedding in her crate, which she still sleeps in at night. At the beginning I also put in a jumper of mine. Not sure if any of this made any difference, but we never had any problems with her during the night. Good luck! It will be great!
Hi Kara,

Welcome to the forum :welcome:. My name is Turi and I have an 18 week old Cockapoo called Saffi.

You must be SO excited about your new addition… I’d never had a dog either and was bouncing off the walls before Saffi got home!

Saffi didn’t sleep initially on the way home but stood on my knee with her front paws on my shoulders licking my face! Eventually she settled on a blanket I’d brought with me (still on my knee) and when we were just 10 minutes’ from home she threw up and then vomited again. And then licked my face – ew!

Have you bought your soft crate? Does it have structured side/a structured frame? The only reason I ask is because we bought a soft crate for Saffi for when we went away and it was so lightweight that she was able to throw herself (and it!) all over the room.

In your puppy’s crate I too would use vet bedding – we spread it over the entire base and had a rotation of four as there were inevitably accidents. We put a cuddly toy in there too. Some people cover the crate with a blanket, play a radio, wrap a hot water bottle with a blanket. There are lots of things you can do but we kept it pretty simple.

Hope this helps!
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Hi Turi and thanks for your pearls of wisdom!

I am indeed sooo very excited!! :D I cannot wait until Scrumpy is here with us. Every spare second is spent thinking about/researching some puppy related item! We have been planning to get a puppy for so long and now we finally have one coming home with us it still seems so far away!

Ooo you have raised a VERY interesting point about the soft crate. We haven't got it yet but your post has caused me to have a rethink - at the moment he is so small I hadn't even considered the possibilty of finding him (and it!) rolled halfway across the room due to being lightweight.:eek: It does have a slight structured frame but now I am not sure it will be enough - he was quite a mischievious little pup at 4 weeks old so I sense a more solid frame may be better!

Thanks for the advice - it is a great help! :laugh: (still so excited!)
Scrumpy – such a brilliant name! Do you have a pics?

Re the crate, I’d personally go for a 37 inch metal framed crate – they’re not as attractive as the soft ones but after a while you get used to them.

You’ll be surprised at how strong and determined an eight week old puppy can be…! :laugh:
Heehee - ah I am glad you like it, we thought it summed him up perfectly! :) Although the lady at the vets the other day misheard and thought we had decided to call him Grumpy!!!!! Lol.

Sadly we only have a couple of pics on a crummy old phone and we can't seem to transfer them onto the computer! I will put one up when we get him and I go photo mad ;) he is a lovely golden colour though and has a very cheeky look about him (prepared for a mischief filled life from now on!). With that in mind I think the sturdier crate may be required! Thank you so much for pointing that out - certainly something to discuss over the dinner table tonight!!! :D
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T this point I shall wheel out my tired old ebay crate link - hard to beat on price and quality - we used it for both our girls and it's great quality and folds flat so you can take it with you (it's heavy)


Great name, and welcome to the forum
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Great! Thanks ever so much - saves me hours of pondering and agonising over the MANY crates which are on ebay. :)

Welcome Kara :D, see Ian your tired old link worked its magic, Scrumpy wont be able to move that around the house....one safe puppy x x
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