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First Time Boarding

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Hi Everyone,

We boarded our dog for the first time away from family and friends. She is five. Prior to that, we had family members watch her in our home or she stayed with her original breeder. All of those worked well because she was either with a loved family member or her own biological mother.

So we boarded her for the first time at a well-known place to board dogs. She has been there in the store many times, and enjoyed their afternoon doggy day care/play two times just prior to that.

All turned out okay, but two days into our week-long visit, we found out that she was snapping at some kennel workers when they tried to take her out of her 3 x 5 indoor room. She never bit anyone (she never has--she's a mellow dog and a kisser and snuggler) but they were obviously afraid she might. I am sort of shocked. She also didn't eliminate much the first day (she has a doggy door at home) and just grazed on her food. By the last few days she was much better in all aspects.

I guess I am wondering if this behavior ir normal for some dogs? Has this happened to you? Is there something I could do to prepare her better for the next time (we checked out the boarding place and talked to lots of the workers prior)? Is this just part of adjustment for the first time for any dog? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance
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hey, i work at a boarding kennel, you sometimes find that for the first couple of days even the sweetest of dogs can be snappy but normally by the third day they are fine. some of the dogs that were horrible and we really didn't like when they first came in are now some of our favorites.

some dogs are just a little out of sorts with lots of barking, strange smells, new people, but with kennels their is a routine, they see the same faces at the same times every day. so by the end og the 2nd day to the beginning of the 3rd they kinda get the jist of it.

kennel staff are normally used to it, the best thing to do is not fuss over the dog, you learn that if you faf about trying to talk to the dog or going to slow to put the lead on, you freak the dog out and it looks at you and think you want to hurt it. so its better to just go in quickly, calmy and with an assertive manner. then they relax a lot quicker.

how long was she in for.

i have never told an owner if they dog snapped at me or any of the staff during the first couple of day i just tell they the same as what i told them the dog might be like for the first day or two. just that they were a Little off but soon settled down which is what has happened. i we can tell that the dog isn't a bad dog so their is no point in freaking the owners out by telling them about something that they are unlikely to do next tim
e they are in or at home.

my gypsy isn't good at the kennels, she is growly and a little snappy, she even growled at me last time she was in because i collected her with new cloths on and my hair down. i walked into their kennel, the other two thought it was walk time then realized it was me, Gypsy backed off and molded herself to the shape of the dog bed. then sniffed and realized it was me.

I'm sure she will be fine next time
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Wow, what a great post! You answered all my questions, and more. I feel much better.

I can see why a dog might be testy, with all the new goings on and such. You sound like you know just what to do.

I called the kennel twice, and the second person I called made it sound more like it was a normal type of thing. I was wondering if maybe I had just talked to a newbie the first time, and he didn't yet know the best way to talk to dog parents. But you're right, I got a little freaked out hearing about her being scared.

Interesting point, too, in that her "report card" focused on the later days' stay when she did better. She was in a for six nights and five days.

It sounds like your dog has the same issues sometimes.

Thanks so much.
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my lot are never in longer than overnight just because of out trips to crufts. so she doesnt get the chance to setle. she likes new people when she is with us but not on ber own.

lol calling isnt always a good thing. you endup geting hourself worked up. its just an ajstment you will probably find the next time will be better. sometimes its a teritory thing some dogs ger crowly being take from ther bed aria on the inside part of their kennel but are more friendly on the outside part. i put it down to being less inclosed and they dong have anything to be teritorial about.

the thing about kennels is you get a lot of nurotic owners, and if you told them that for that one day that their baby had growled or snapped at someone even if for the rest of the time they had been the most cudely dog. they would get so upset. so its best to down play it and just say they were a little off. mpst dog who do snap in the kennels dont mean to ie if i cept my hand there insted of pulling away their mout will go round my hand but they dont bite down, so it more of a worning. i have foud in some situation doing that has helped as they relise that the snapping isnt making me go away so they just give in then lol once yoh get them out on the frirst and second walk they thing hey this ant so bad. sometimes i take them fo a little runn as it gets them worked up in a glod way as they have to think less and just enjoy the movement as dogs like to move forward.

hope next time is better, let us know how you get on.
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