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First Time Dog Owner

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Thought I would say hi as we reserved our first ever dog yesterday! It is a 4 week old all black F1 cockerpoo :)

My daughter has named her poppy and we can pick her up mid May, although we are allowed to visit her whenever we like so suspect we will pop over a few times between now and May!!

Spent most of my day today making a list of things we need to buy!:)

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Hello and welcome to the forum! You must be very excited about bringing Poppy home. I am sure the four weeks will fly by! :)
Can't wait to bring her home, although slightly nervous as I have never had a dog before. Spent plenty of time around dogs as my mum bought 2 when we all moved out, but never had one of our own!
Welcome - there don't seem to be many members from Suffolk so it's good to have you on here. Your children are obviously more sensible than mine when it comes to choosing pet names! Hope the next 4 weeks fly by for you.
Welcome, enjoy the forum, and look forward to seeing pictures of Poppy, who is more excited you or your daughter??
It is the best thing you will ever do:D Life will be a lot 'smilier' after Poppy arrives. (OK, a bit smellier too at times, for a few weeks, but that will pass!)
Welcome to the forum,looking forward to seeing pics of poppy xxx
Welcome Pete and look forward to seeing some pix of Poppy! x PS we are first time dog owners too and had our Pickle for 2.5 weeks now :)
Hi Pete and soon to be new puppy Poppy ..

Where is your puppy from? she may have sisters and brothers on here ...

You will love cockapoo ownership, life is good with a cockapoo :) warning all the members on here are all cockapoo crazy in the very best way of course xxx
Waving hello to you :)

I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?pp0g3d
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Lisa - mum of 3 boys, Dexter Cockapoo & 4 hens !
Hi & welcome :D
You must be so excited! & I love her name ;) Although I may be biased :D
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Laura .. we need more Poppy photos please .. come on recent pics of your girls please xxx
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Thanks for the welcome guys! I will get a pic up later of my daughter with poppy :)

She is from a farm in Filby, just outside Gt Yarmouth. She has 6 brothers & sisters so chances are some of the owners may well be on here:)
Lovely photograph. Poppy looks super cute and your daughter looks very pleased! :D
awwww, great photo!!!! cute daughter,,,,and what a tiny puppy! :) your daughter looks so proud.
You had to let her choose the name, she is going to be so excited, lucky girl x x
Hi Pete, very exciting to be getting your puppy soon, and your daughter looks very happy.:D
Sorry posted it twice :/
Laura .. we need more Poppy photos please .. come on recent pics of your girls please xxx
Haha hi JoJo :) Yeah i've not been around much lately, really busy with work!
But will get some pictures and get them posted for you soon :D
I need some recent pictures anyway for Anthony for a testimonial :) Need to get snapping away! xxx

& back to the thread, puppy picture is very cute! :D
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