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first time dog owner

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Hi, i have just picked a cockapoo from rosedales. I saw her for the first time last night - long drvie from edinburgh to Preston but well worth it. I pick her up on the 2nd February - she is soo cute. Has anyone tried the "crate training" that rosedales recommend?
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Hi Kimtay welcome, welcome ...not long to go then. What colour, *** is your new baby have you got a name.?? Sorry that I have nt answered your question .. very rude ...but there have been loads of posts about crates, alot of people would advocate to use a crate but obviously its a personal thing and its a choice. We' ve used one with both of our dogs. If you follow the thread "crate issues" under cockapoo training and bonding there are lots of peoples views and experience. Enjoy your reading lol and all the best with your baby cant wait to hear more about her x
hello, thanks for your quick repsonse. She is a wee girl, called Ellie. Light Golden colour and very tiny.

I found the section on training/crates. thanks for this.


Bet you cant wait! We have a 7month cream cockapoo called Alfie and hes changed our lives. They are such a fab breed and make you smile every day! We use a crate/cage for Alf when we go out or during the night and never had any problems. In fact now he loves it and often takes himself off to bed or for some "quiet time"!

Cant wait to see photos of your new addition!
Oh she sounds great .. cant wait for pictures. Yeh as above regarding crate used one with Wilf whose 3 1/2 whilst he was little wondered if we'd have problems when we stopped using it as they are very good at routine, so wondered how he'd cope , we always called the crate "bed" so when he stopped using it just got a bed and put it in the same place and he was fine, just adapted straight away. Using a crate at moment with Mabel whose 17 weeks and will plan to use this until we know that she wont have any accidents at night and is past the chewing stage. (although so far she does nt appeart be a chewer nothing ruined ..yet ) At least you can have peace of mind knowing they are safe when you are not there ... good luck look forward to hearing about Ellie x
Oh Bethany lifes really not fair !!! Kimtay is getting Ellie before you get Nell.. (only 17 to go though :hug:)
Hi and welcome, our puppy is almost 12 weeks old now, Brontie. We couldn't manage without a crate. And a Kong which you stuff with chewy, tasty things to keep them occupied and help when they want to chew they are supposed to use that instead, lol! Will look forward to seeing some pics when you get your new pup.
Hi Kimtay. We used a crate with Flo. She is now 14 months and still uses it as her bed. Look forward to seeing some pics.
Oh Bethany lifes really not fair !!! Kimtay is getting Ellie before you get Nell.. (only 17 to go though :hug:)
I know! Feel like I've been waiting forever but not long to go!

And kimtay can't wait to see pics of little Ellie
hey welcome she sounds lovely any photos yet?
I cant wait to see some pictures! And, welcome! :D
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