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First time owner!

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Hi, my name is Jess and I am new to this board as well as a Cockapoo owner. My husband and I recently went to the pet store to "kill time" and it was LOVE at first site. An 11 week old male Cockapoo. He literally picked me! ;) That's what I tell my husband. But, he did! There were 2 other dogs in with him and he just looked at me and when I picked him up he just rested his head on me and that was it, I had to have him! So my loving husband got him for me! I was stoked! I was never the type of person to own a small dog but I just could not resist. But Axle (his name) has been nothing but an amazing addition to our family of just my husband and I. Axle is adorable, loving, an all around cuddle monster and just perfect! We are crate training him at the moment, the first night was great, the second night he cried but that is expected. He is only in the crate when its bed time. Potty training is going...ok. Accidents are expected so I try and not get too upset. =) Today I took him for a bike ride and he just loved it! Enough about me. How is everyone elses experience been with their Cockapoos? :)
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Congrats on your new cockapoo puppy! :)
We adopted our girl when she was older, so no puppy stage for us this time (I had a beagle pup before though, so have been there!)
Our cockapoo Jersey is just about 4 years old, shes very relaxed, loves loves loves her walks...a real nature girl! She'll chase about anything, large deer, bunnies, birds, ducks, bugs, you name it! So she must still have the bird dog instincts of the cocker spaniel!
As most cockapoos are, I imagine, they are people dogs, they become really attached to their owners and don't like to be alone....and can become quite anxious if left alone for long. We always have family watch Jersey if we're gone for more than 4 hours.
If you work, having him use to the crate or pen now is a good idea! ;) I think it took about a week or two to get our beagle pup use to the crate....just have to ignore the whining! hard to do, but worth it in the end!
Many experienced people here with cockapoo pups to help you though!
btw, where abouts in the world are you? I'm always curious where people get there cockapoos, I cannot find any cockapoos closer than 2000 miles to me!
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Welcome, Jess! Congrats on Axle, it sounds like everything is going well!! :D He'll get used to his crate and he'll eventually catch on to the potty training :) He sounds like he has a similar personality to our Cocoa.... he's like a little ball of love!! lol
We adopted Cocoa when he was about 8 months old, so we missed a lot of his "puppy-hood." I wish we had him as a puppy, but all that really matters is that we have him now! :D
Cocoa loves nature too... he'll take any chance he can to be outside lol He'll chase after just about anything too! haha
& Btw, Axle looks so cute in your pic!! :D
HI, Jess. Our cockapoo is a "cuddle monster," too. We consider her a lap dog, since she spends most of her time next to us or on our laps. She sleeps at the end of our bed on a little blanket.

When we first got her from the breeder (at 8 weeks) she was partially house-trained and we never used a crate. She hated the crate so much, so we used a baby gate to keep her in our kitchen area until she was fully trained. At 8 weeks she peed outside just fine thanks to the breeder, but did have a few accidents in the house where she pooped behind a couple of chairs. We retrained her out of that pretty fast but there was still the occasional accident for a few weeks.

What really helped us with the training was a little doggy door we installed in our sliding glass door (got it at Home Depot) and it just inserts as a glass panel with a door and trained her to go in and out of it. She was a little apprehensive at first, but after two practices at going through it, she loved it! I know our Zoe loved running outside to potty because of it and I think the door made it fun. Having a backyard, of course, helped. We also rewarded her with a little treat when she was successful in pottying outside.
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