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HI, Jess. Our cockapoo is a "cuddle monster," too. We consider her a lap dog, since she spends most of her time next to us or on our laps. She sleeps at the end of our bed on a little blanket.

When we first got her from the breeder (at 8 weeks) she was partially house-trained and we never used a crate. She hated the crate so much, so we used a baby gate to keep her in our kitchen area until she was fully trained. At 8 weeks she peed outside just fine thanks to the breeder, but did have a few accidents in the house where she pooped behind a couple of chairs. We retrained her out of that pretty fast but there was still the occasional accident for a few weeks.

What really helped us with the training was a little doggy door we installed in our sliding glass door (got it at Home Depot) and it just inserts as a glass panel with a door and trained her to go in and out of it. She was a little apprehensive at first, but after two practices at going through it, she loved it! I know our Zoe loved running outside to potty because of it and I think the door made it fun. Having a backyard, of course, helped. We also rewarded her with a little treat when she was successful in pottying outside.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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