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First training class

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We had our first training class last night and Olive did amazing! We only learned one new command last night since i had already taught her "sit" and "down", but she impressed everyone with her willingness to do those 2 commands. Everyone else was having issues and I didn't have the heart to tell them i taught Olive "sit" and "down" when she was 8 weeks old in about 30 minutes! They really are the smartest dogs! The new command we learned was"touch". This was only sort of new to Olive. "touch" is their version of "come" and Olive knows "come". So really it was me teaching her a new command for something she already knew. It took about 2 minutes for her to get the new command down. There were a lot of envious doggy parents!

We ended up having the leader who had called cockapoos lazy and stubborn. She was ok last night. She focused more on the other dogs, but maybe that was because the other dogs were not getting it as quickly. She did tell me that with as good as Olive did in the first class i could take her really far in her training! She said her willingness to please me is a really good thing. I was so proud and happy when I left! We were at the pet store so Olive got to pick out a new toy for being such a good cockapoo! :ilmc:
Now if only i could get her to listen to the commands when she is acting like a crazy poo while chasing and nipping at my kids!
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Positive training session .. that's it Olive you show the trainer that cockapoos are lovely well behaved and responsive dogs :) very proud of you ... xxx
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