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Hi everyone,

Just thought we'd let you all know that our new Pup Flossy has finally arrived to her new home here in Wales.
Lots of our friends and family thought that we must be mad travelling a 10 hour round trip to find our gorgeous pup. Well like we have said before if you want quality then distance is no issue.
The standards and quality in every way are excelled by Stephen and Julia and the team at Jukee Doodles.

They certainly meet all the 6 P'S in our book.

Thanks JD we will be back, and no doubt all our friends too!!!!;)

On our trip home she was fab, slept most of the way and then kept us up all night in her crate crying. But this morning she was excellent, went to the toilet outside and we managed to teach her to go back to her crate to sleep.
But look what she did to the crate>>>

Here she is having fun with her toys......

At last, fast asleep, and Karen and i are about to join her!!!:)
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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