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Took the hooligans to the park this afternoon, what an idiot !
1. I wore my suede boots :eek:
2. No waterproof coat
3. Rascal found the fox poo:rolleyes:

So me with very soggy feet squelching through the grass with 2 wet dogs, one stinking of poo, the other delighting in running in every puddle he can find !
We ended up near the children's play area where there is a small maze, Rascal decides to investigate, but the whole area, which has bark down, is afloat !!
So now I have one big muddy wet dog, and one smaller pooey dog stuck with pieces of bark :D
Well you've got to laugh, by this time I was past caring :D
Back home, everyone abandons me and the smelly hounds, so off up to the bath for us ! Thank goodness for Tropiclean 2 in 1, 1 hour later we're all clean , fresh and dry !!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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