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frank's first night

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well...we picked him up at 8 last night. he had just been to the vets for his vaccination. the owner was chatting to us asking to keep in touch (which we will) and passed him to us. he was shaking like a leaf, prob a mix of being cold and scared, but he was ok on the journey back and settled into the blanket i brought with me.

we got him home and introduced him to our home (after taking him outside and him weeing brilliantly) and he seemed to love his surroundings.

he had a short play with us, and then happily went into his pen. the poor drowsy thing stepped into his crate and as soon as his little head hit the teddy he couldn't keep his eyes open! we thought this was amazing and we had the most well behaved puppy in the world.

we'd set our alarm for 3am (after him settling in his crate about 11pm and having another wee) to take him out to the toilet again. we heard absolutely no whimpering/crying at all up until this point.

liam went downstairs and frank was awake but quiet. he took him outside and he did wee. then brought him in, played with him for 5mins, then saw him sniffing so took him out again for a successful number2! he brought frank back in and he seemed v tired so put him back in his crate (after praise obviously).

as he was coming up the stairs he heard the first few whimpers. then it started. he was crying/howling(!) for about an hour straight. it was awful, never felt so guilty. he settled down after an hour, but conveniently liam then remembered he hadn't locked the back door. GREAT. he went back downstairs as quietly as he could, but even without turning the light on, frank clocked on to the fact that liam was there and started crying again.

liam went straight back upstairs without giving him any attention, but this only seemed to spur him on further, and the crying continued well into the night.

we drifted off to sleep at half4, the crying had thankfully stopped. then after what seemed like one minute, that familiar howling noise came back (it was 6am!). liam decided at this point it was time to get up!

as you can imagine, we both have bags under our eyes, but frank is absolutely adorable and we love him to pieces. when we're with him his tail doesn't stop wagging, and all he wants from us is a big cuddle - not even interested in any treats/kongs.

he's been whining this morning every time we leave the kitchen where his puppy pen is, but he has settled down now in his crate (with the door open) and it's heavenly quiet again.

how are we doing? any suggestions for the crying? how can i make his toys seem more appealing than cuddles from us?

sorry this is the longest post ever, just love this forum and wanted to add the first chapter of our story! x x x


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Sounds like he's settled in brilliantly and really bonded with you. I'm a real softie, so not great on training suggestions, but dogs do settle into routines really quickly, so if you are consistent, he will learn how the rules work eg cuddle first thing then when they put me in my crate I have to amuse myself. Enjoy!
Frank looks so gorgeous!!
Your first night doesnt sound to bad, I think the worst bit is over, we were about the same with Evie on the first night (I got up twice with her to go toilet outside) but after the first night she really settled down.
If I heard her whimper in the night i would get straight up and take her straight out and once she had done her business i'd carry her straight back to her crate, which is in our kitchen too! each night she would go longer and longer without waking up whimpering, and after about a week she would just amuse herself until we came down in the morning which could be anytime between 6am on a work day or 10am at weekends!

So you could try just taking Frank straight out to the toilet and then putting him straight back into his crate in the middle of the night when he wimpers.
We've had Evie just over 6 weeks now and she is brillaint! cant imagine not having her around!
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And second...WAY TO GO!!! you did it all great!
I couldn't take the crying as I am a super softy! so I slept near her crate for the first two weeks untill I couldn't take the couch anymore...
You did great! keep it up!
OMG Frank is beautiful!! You forget how tiny they are when you 1st bring them home. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly for the 1st night. Think maybe Evie's right and Frank whimpered because he wanted to carrying on playing! We only had to get up twice through the night before Alf slept right through. We didn't talk or play with him just let him have a wee then straight back in his crate (cruel i know ....my hubby had to do it) but it definately paid off and it only took 3 or 4 nights before we never heard a peep from him.
cant wait to see more photos! Enjoy your 1st weekend with Frank :D
Sounds like things are going well! I would just suggest no playing after you or your husband takes him out in the wee hours of the morning. Just, if you think he needs to go out, take him out, let him go pee etc, praise him, then straight back inside and to the crate and go upstairs without making a big deal out of it. Playing (though it seems like a good idea) just winds him up.

Enjoy your cute baby!
right, after all your advice (thank you so much) i am going to take him out only if he whimpers, with no fuss or attention. see how it goes.....
Sounds great ... he's a baby and its early days i think he's doing fab he's been used to his mum and litter mates and maybe could have got one of the other pups to play if he woke up ... like others thats the only thing Id say is dont play, no light, no interaction just out for toilet and then back in, nice and peaceful and quite.... he'll be fine, your doing great x
it worked, he slept through til 6am with no crying/whining. hoping this continues! xxxx
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