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Friends together

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this is a photo of oscar (foreground) lola (centre back) Dexie (left) and Clara, the honourary cockapoo!!!!

they had a great time!!!

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Wrong photo!!

Silly me put the wrong photo in last night!! This is the one with the honourary cockapoo!!

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That's lovely, I'm now referring to my Phoebe (Cocker Spaniel) as half-cockapoo :)
nice photos! very cute! and my what a big honorary cockapoo! lol
Lol, I'm staring at the first picture, trying to spot the missing two. After a few minutes gave up and then read further down. Ah Ha, found the right pictures, :D Glad to see its not me going mad this time :D :) :D :)
My goodness me beautiful photo ,however i cannot get over your also beautiful cream carpet and rug with those doggys please pass on your secret xx;)
What a lovely photo, just love their big doggy grins xx
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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