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From lurker to member - hello!

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Hi everyone,

After a few weeks of reading through all this really useful info I've finally joined up! I'm hoping to be a first time dog and cockapoo owner sometime this summer and am already really excited - I've not even found a breeder yet :eek:.

I've been doing lots of research and want to say thank you to all of you for the brilliant info that's here on the forum. This afternoon I came up with a shortlist of breeders and have contacted them to find out if they have puppies coming soon.

As soon as I have some potentials I will definitely be asking for more advice. Watch this space :)

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Hi Nicky welcome to the forum and good luck in your search for a cockapoo puppy.Are you looking for american or english? xxx
Welcome Nicky and good luck with your search!! xx
Hi Nicky the soon to be cockapoo owner .. you will love the chat on here and get lots of great advice from many cockapoo owners :)

You will love owning a cockapoo for sure :) :)
Welcome and good luck in your search. I was in your position 2 years ago looking for my first ever dog and I've never looked back.

Hello, Welcome I'm a newbie too and was also lurking for a while!

I dont have my cockapoo yet but hope to change that by April at the latest:)

I'm looking for the smaller type Toy/American so if you come across any pups let me know.

Do you have any preference?

Hi and welcome! Good luck with your puppy search and feel free to ask away with any questions you have, we are a helpful bunch! :D I look forward to following your puppy search. x
Hi & welcome! :)
How exciting for you! It was me looking for our first family dog about a year and a half ago :)
What cross do you prefer?
Hi and welcome

All the best with your search
Oo how exciting. I too am a first time dog owner, Millie is 1yr old now. Its one of the BEST things I've ever done. Absolutely love it. I chose a cockapoo because of their friendly nature and willingness to learn. I definitely didn't want a dog that I had to impose my will on. I had a real shopping list of requirements in a dog and I must say the cockapoo filled it in style.

I didn't know about this site until after getting Millie so had to do my reseach trawling the web.
HI there and welcome! glad you decided to chat! There is always someone on here who has shared the same experience and can offer great advice!

Thank ou for all your welcomes! I'm looking for an english x miniature - already had a few breeders come back to me :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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