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Ah lovely. They do look well behaved :) Did the children behave too.

I love that look they give when the lie so flat on the ground looking up through their eyebrows :D
The children were pretty good. To be fair you can only expect so much from five very excited six year old boys! :D

Millie has got the sweetest face! :)
No matter how rubbish I am feeling she makes me smile everytime! I am under so much pressure with my final assignment and feel more tired than I have ever felt so I need a little lift every now and again! :violin: :D

How lovely that the 'poos could join in the day as well.
It was lovely that we could take them and they both behaved really well. A little bit of barking from Daisy but nothing too embarrassing! :rolleyes: Millie just lapped up all the attention she got. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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