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George chillin!

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Having a rest:)


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Ahh puppy cuddles in your jarmies :) perfect .... he looks so happy at home xxx
Gorgeous!! Love the way cockapoos relax by lying on their back. Biscuit often falls asleep after a tummy tickle and lies there with her paws in the air for ages. Best wishes, Karen x
Cockapoos are so floppy and scrummy:)
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He he! George has got you all sucked in now!! They are all the same, you just can't help but love em:D xx
OMG, how cute is your pup! He's simply adorable, my kids love him with the bunny & brush.
He is a real cutie,can see he has settled in perfectly lol xxx
thankyou everyone x we love him
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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