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Going Backwards

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our Cockapoo is now 7 months old and is fully house trained so much so that he no longer is in his crate and holds all night until we let him out in the morning. However, we have been away on vacation for 3 weeks and he stayed with a doggy sitter in her house. Apparently he was as good as gold. We have been back 3 nights and he has settled in beautifully (as if he's never been away) but every morning between 6-7am he starts barking and when i go downstairs he's wee'd in the kitchen in random places. He's even 'cocked' his leg up against my table!! Help - what do i do?
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hi thanks for the reply. i take him out quite late actually, around 11.30ish. He was with other dogs, 3 in fact. Should i try and put a puppy pad by the back door tonight and if that doesn't work bring the crate out tomorrow night?
i let him out around 7 and sometimes he even would go to 8ish - i think he has got into a bad habit and i need to break it quick!! thanks for the advice
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