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I'm new to the site and was hoping to ask around as i'm just doing some research into the cockerpoo's and trying to get on some waiting lists to be able to have the new addition to the home in the new year....

So will be asking plenty of questions and if anyone knows of any breeders that have some dogs ready for the new year, please let me know.

I'm from the Midlands but don't mind travelling.


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hey welcome.

ask away their is always some one who willn have an answer or and exspirience.

what are you looking for America/English cocker Toy/Min poodle, colour, boy/girl, etc

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welcome to site
well i have become a new owner and havent looked back...
my boycie is loving, willing to train , intelligent, soft , cuddly 99% potty trained
goes in crate!!!!! loves kids and plenty of attention.he sits paw down comes fetches and ta s ie gives back toy,havent had him 2 weeks yet!!!!!!!
he is everything i ever wanted in a dog
i would highly recommend the cockapoo from my experience
good luck with your search
keep us posted,
do you want boy girl?
what colur?
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