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Goose Poop!?

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I have had my new cockapoo puppy (Maisey (8-23-10)) for 2 months now, and she has had giardia twice already. She may have had it already when I got her, but she keep eating goose poo whenever we go outside! Any one have any ideas on what to do?

Also, anyone have any good suggestions for dog food. I am currently using Wellness Puppy, but I think she is allergic to it. What type of meat should be the main ingredient (fish, lamb, beef, etc)?

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I walk Dylan every day around a lake and there's goose poo everywhere. All the dogs I've owned previously have eaten it, but Dylan is not too bad with it. The thing that has helped with him is that every time he ran to a piece I commanded "leave" and then gave him a treat instead. I figured that was a fair exchange! So now he will occasionally go for it but not very often considering the amount we come across. As regards allergies, I would go for the best holistic food you can afford - one with no grains or additives and with 85% meat, but others here are more informed than me on this topic. I assume you are not in the UK, or I would recommend the food supplier that I use. Good luck!
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