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Greetings from Southern Ontario!

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Hello all. After months of torturing myself browsing local humane society websites, Petfinder profiles and kijiji ads "just out of curiosity", I finally broke down and decided it was time to bring a dog into my life again. I got my first dog when I was four years old; a cockapoo named Tyler. He was my best friend for ten years.

After toying with and rejecting the idea of finally getting the German Shepherd I've been fantasizing about (one bedroom apartment + very large, very athletic dog = trouble), I reflected on the many great years I had with Tyler and decided that another cockapoo would be a good choice. Barring moving issues I'll be picking up my pup in two weeks. I know I can't expect him to be exactly like Tyler, but I'm still excited to have one of these goofy little ewoks in my life again.

Can't wait to chat with all of you! :D
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The pup I have my eye on is a cute little blondie named Tony. Unfortunately some crossed wires between myself and the breeder are making it look like I'm going to have to wait a bit longer to get my pup. Regardless of whether this boy comes home with me or I have to wait to find another litter, I'm going to try and get a blonde/tan/cream colored 'poo. The blondies melt my heart. :eek:
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