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Seeing that we all have dogs that need regular grooming I hope that new owners will find this useful.

After trying to groom a Springer myself, chasing her around the house and garden, stopping the bleeding from the odd ear you have nicked, Jess hiding under the sideboard every time she heard me using my razer. Well, as you can guess when we took her to a professional the sight of a pair of scissors
" O MY GOD!!! " Well by the time she passed away ( aged 18 ) she seemed of enjoy the trips and the pampering........ well she was female.

When we got Poppy the decision was made - regular trips to the Grooming Salon
( what happened to the good old Poodle Parlour ). Well the Salon, Stylish Pups ( we do live in a posh area ) is 2 doors away from the vets, I was looking at the price menu while my wife was getting us lunch from the delicatessen, ( told you it was posh) the head stylist came out of the shop ( well the lady that owned it really ) to see the bundle of fluff that I was holding, as we all know Cockapoo's are dog lover magnets. Then came the sales pitch and the best bit of advice I have ever been given. As our dogs are going to need regular grooming to take the pup in to have a wash and blow dry to get them used to the noise and smells of the place. ( I take Poppy on visits to the Vet's as well just for a bit of a fuss from the staff for the same reason ). So she went a couple of times came back even fluffier and even had her nails clipped.

The day came for the full job. I knew it was time after two incidents.
The first when I saw the little girl from next door ( she's into high school musical and cheerleaders ) go past the window with a couple of black pom poms. "O my God she's juggling with the dog" I thought.
The second was when I was asleep on the floor and I thought my wife had hit me in the face with the mop " must have been snoring " no, it was Poppy jumping on top of me after having a drink.

So off she went to the groomers. We had made the decision to have her clipped short as the weather had warmed up.
I was home from work in time to go and pick her up. When we were in the shop and I saw her all clean a shiney I couldn't help myself and said "what have they done to you, you look like a Poodle" the poor girls face was a picture. If I take her in she still askers me if we want her beard off.

So after my long ramble, my advice for both the groomers and vet is to get them used to going before you need to go for anything BIG.
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