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Hello Everyone, I'm new to posting. I have a 8 month old Cockerpoo she has a few little matts in her coat, which I am trying to get out. But was wondering if I keep her coat regularly brushed and cared for, do I have to have her clipped. She is beautiful the way she is and don't really want to have her hair cut short!

Thank you in advance
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Cos it keeps growing you'd have to at least keep trimming it. Just make sure you are specific with a groomer what you want maybe take some photos... as i ve said before I killed myself laughing the first time Wilf was cut dont think I impressed the groomer and she wanted to keep him short so that the job was easier for her but if i d have wanted a short haired dog Id have got one .. I wanted a lamb. But his coat had started to grow outwards and had lost its shine and was almost sarting to look frizzy.. I've found the more its been cut its got curlyer... just know what you want and ask for it x
Who are you using .. I used Plush Puppies .. she s mobile and comes to the house in a fully equiped transit . Who ever you use Id show them pictures of what you want.. especially if they have nt done a cockapoo before x
Mandy/Bramble ... Deb spends ages she took over 4 hours the first time she cut Wilf but said she wanted to take her time so that he would find the experience ok .. then after that he would give her a cockapoo greet every time . I used to ask forthe top of his head leaving long cos once she cut it short to his head, always didhis face lovely .... not like a poodle like I've seen another cockapoo in Halifax. But quite likes to cut body short so stipulate that you dont want it clipping so short but if you.ve got a picture should be ok. I know which school your at surprised I have nt seen you I walk most mornings in the woods by the rocks after school dropoff time .... although muddy at the mo x


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Thats what I thought re time I kept getting up to look out of the window ... thinking something was wrong , surprised I haven't seen you. Good luck with your trimming skills Mandy(embee) you'll be fine I've been doing Wilf myself for a while ... cos knew it would get costly with two.. you just need to go for it x
Oh dear will have to look just a set from argos .. one of the wahl (something like that ) ones .. very similar to those you'd use for cutting boys and mens hair, you get a dvd and ive looked at some posts on utube, its the face thats difficult, I find, the body is easy once you dare.... not sure how Kendal finds it I know she does her girls. Kendal you could post doing their faces on utube for us lol ;)
I got a little hand held trimmer that was supposed to do almost the bridge of the nose but it was no good .. yeh I ve had those little scissors but just use the same big ones for legs and face, just got to be careful... Wilf sits really still but cant imagine mabel doing . Do you like my avatar Thankyou Kendal for putting it on :kiss:
some of us cant help but have a problem with facial hair lol x
Adam, good luck with groomers on Saturday .. could you just go through the gallery here and if there s something you like print it off... unless theres a copyright thing !!! I like the "it'll grow back" attitude its a bit like I feel whenever I've been to the hair dressers lol x
good job Mandy ... you'll be setting up business soon lol , you just need to dare go for it . Like Kendal says the more you do it , and it'll save you a fortune. In the summer i just took a bit off every couple of weeks , she looks greta x
She looks great have been meaning to do Wilf all week will have to get my act together... I'll never get that scarf made x
Been doing Wilf for coming up to a year now my groomer charged £35 and I was loathed to pay for two so I had a go, before we got Mabel .Could do with him doing "properly" though, finding it harder now she's here .. I keep meaning to. No real tips just that I've got more confident with time, more daring round the eyes and bridge of nose. I use clippers on Wilf s body i had them for nearly a year before I risked using them but its so easy ... just like shearing sheep, not that I've done that lol. I know what you mean about finding stray bits that you've missed x
P.s what colour nail varnish are you getting for Flo ???
Poor Dylan ... he's lovelier than that ... is it worth just asking the groomer to do his face .. if you like how they've done it before or take a picture as this is the bit I find harder to shape. Then just cut him a bit shorter in the legs and body yourself then work on the matts once you've got a bit off. You'll be fine better than scalping him... and you can stll say it'll grow back !!!! If Mandy can do it lol lol .... only joking!!! Mandy do Wilf and Mabel actually exists or am I a cockapoo stalker x
The picture s I have got on here Ive "uploaded " ( is that the correct term ?) from someone elses site lol , really I have nt got a dog just a sad woman with no one to talk to. So have to make up fictious stories about a breed of dog that apparently loads of people love... just so that i can have some cyber friends . Boo Hoo x x
Oh and Mandy , Bramble looks lovely .. how long did it take ?
Yeh I agree Helen ... we all wanted that shaggy/curly dog but just because of practicalities they maybe need keeping abit shorter than we would have originally wanted. But like you said keeping their coat longer cant be at the expence of having a lovely time off lead in woods,open ground and water..... good luck he'll be fine x x
It took 2.5 hours! All the time my front room window had to be open for electricity brrrrrrrrr but it was worth it, I think she'll be much easier to look after now. Although my Husband thinks Debs swapped bramble for another dog in the back of a van as she's suddenly turned into a dog with attitude, want come back in park etc........... Adolescence I guess? Maybe have to start a post on that to get some advice on how to get my old dog back!
Maybe she's selling them out of the back of her van lol x
Hope I dont offend anyone but I suppose its all personal preference...I like the legs kept puppy/teddy cut almost cylindrical a bit like a bischon, where they are the same width all the way down. I dont like the legs to be scalped they look almost stick like and i think that width in the leg is one of the features that makes a cockapoo look so adorable. They'll be able to keep that look but make them more managable x
I always tell the groomer - 'no poodle feet or ankles, remember' - first time Teddy was done he came out looking like a ballet dancer on tiptoe:)
lol .. yep , been there... great description x x ;)
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