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Growing up

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When does a puppy stop being a puppy?

Bailey is certainly settling down into a lovely dog, but still has a lot of puppy in him.

He is one year old now and I wondered when this behaiour completely settles and calms?
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I think this answer differs a lot by who you ask. From growing up with dogs, I think they really settle properly at about 2 years of age but leaving puppihood begins at 1 years old (I think). So anywhere in between 1-2 years??!!
I think from what I can gather, they are no longer classed as a puppy from 1 year. Bigger dogs are said to go through their teenage years at about 18months, smaller dogs like cockapoos under a year old.

But between 1 & 2 years they may still well be maturing. I must say that Miillie is now nearly 14 months old and she too has settled in a lovely sensible young lady. Well until the next incident !:p
Basically as above ... adult from 1 years of age however all dogs are different and mature at differing rates ... Honey is 14 months old and is very grown up in her ways.
Does this mean they reach full size at a year too, or is that sooner ?
I kept saying Millie was fully grown from about 8 months, but in truth she did most her growing up till then and then it slowed down.

She is now fully grown at 1 year, but is beginning to fill out instead. I must get her weighed as last time is was just under 10kg and I think she's over than now. However, hubby has chucked out the bathroom scales again ! :eek:
I have found with my poos, they do reach their adult size at around 8-9 months but they still put on weight and fill out for a few more months ... :)
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