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HI everyone,

Im new to the site. I joined because I wanted some advice on cockapoo haircuts. My cockapoo Ted, has just had a haircut. It looks horrid, I'm so depressed. He's got a mullet and all his beard is off!!
I was wondering if anyone has any tips on cutting their faces myself and how long it takes to grow back!
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We took Pebbles once to the groomer, shortly after we got her at one year... and not only did we not like the cut- she was so upset by being separated and the noise of the dryers- that I just started cutting her myself.
I use a thinning type shear on her face and beard area, and just regular sissors everywhere else.
For her paw pads i use a battery opperated clippers- they are quieter than the electric ones and dont scare her as much.
Just be careful around the eyes and mouth. a few weeks ago, after many times of cutting her with no mishaps - she decided to give me a kiss while i was trimming. I felt soo bad i got her tongue! IF it ever happens to anyone, i found just give them an ice cube. it helps to clot the cut as long as its small.
Yup that is now my plan ... i was so upset it was all i could do not to start crying when it happened. But she was so good, never winced ... but she jumped out of my lap really fast! lol.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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