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photos on my girls in their Halloween costumes.
Gypsy went as the fun police as she is a grumpy sod at times lol

Echo went as a poney, she has her wee black snow boots on because they make her paws look like hooves

Inca was meant to go as a silver back gorilla but i couldn't get any silver or white hair spry so she went as a blue bottle lol

and Delta went as a Wii puppy. anybody get the joke ? lol

we then had the pleasure of meeting Teddy with Teressa and Roro

muffin as a little devil

she is a very bad influence on my Echo lol

Totts was feeling left out so we made her into a bat.

Amber was meant to be a Heeland Coo(Highland cow)

we then went to the shops and when we got home Delta decided she would help unpack the shopping.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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