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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Janice and Romeo. He is gorgeous.

Thanks for our lovely twins. They are really good girls. So far the comments concerning getting siblings for us have been unfounded. Watching them play together and then snuggling up together is fantastic. They are both very individual dogs. We have watched the video you sent us quite a few times where one puppy comes forward to see you and the other one gets up a few minutes later. That is exactly how they are. Sophie is so nosey and always follows you whereas Daisy prefers her bed and will only get up if its absolutely necessary (i.e. dinner time or walk time!).

Who would have thought this time last year that by the end of 2011 we would have felt such sadness at losing our lovely schnauzer Rosie but then be so happy to have two lovely cockapoo pups who have filled such a big hole.

Hopefully attached a recent picture.:)

Sue x



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SUE THAT IS SO GOOD TO HERE please send me some pics through my website they both look gorgeous im very proud and happy you had my lovely twins janice x
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