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Harleys little holiday

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I went to stay with my aunt for a couple days and got my bag out ready to pack and when I came back into the room someone had packed himself.........

Then it was time for bed and of course his crate was too big to take so I was a little worried on how he might be, I needn't have been......

almost asleep.

He's out for the count!

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Oh my heart just melted a little, he's gorgeous!! xx
aww cheeky wee monkey lol
Ahhh Harley ...... so chilled ... out for the count....

He is a little bit older than my puppy Eevee... ahhhh I adore a cockapoo puppy ... already looking for another one .. yes I am a little cockapoo crazy ... but I am happy ..
Loved the one of him cuddling the toy. Too sweet!
Oh Harley, you are cute and clever x
He needed to make sure he was coming too x
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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