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Harvey and a pretzel

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This is a photo of my 18 month old Harvey with a pretzel on his nose, it is a classic. but to tell you the truth it took me about an hour and a bag of pretzels :')

i think it is hilarious.
and for everyone that commented on the one of him and his bull mastiff friend bella i told them about his new clip- this is it :)


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Thats such a cute pic,my dogs would never be able to resist lol.harvey is gorgeous,is he a sable?x
He is sable/white, when he is all fluffy he is sable when he is freshly clipped pretty mich white, but he does have the black dipped ears and the black muzzle.

It took ages to get him to stay still for it :')
I thought he was a sable.he is beautiful,which breeder did you get him from?i have a little sable boy arriving from the states in january,i just love sables x
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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