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Harvey and his best friend

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This is my harvey(cockapoo) and his best friend bella (bullmastiff)
They have been best friends for a few months now and love going for walkies together!


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What a lovely photo! Love Harveys curly coat, he is gorgeous. Bella is also a beautiful girl. Is she yours? Great that they get on so well together. x
Harvey is gorgeous and Bella looks like a big scrummy dog you want to hug and love that photo and that they are friends.:)

I love to see two completely different dogs being friends.

Some-one I know on another forum has a shitzu and a Rottie!!! can you imagine walking them out together :D
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Two gorgeous dogs!! I love harveys colour,where did you get him from? xxx
I got him from a breeder in Durham :)

and no she's not mine unfortunatly :( i wish she was she is a close friends of mine, we walk them regularly together :)

His colours are beautiful! he has a darker fawn stripe running down his back too, you cant see this on this photo ill try and find one with it on.
he's just been clipped recently- i think he looks like a over-sized rat, i like his fluffy fur better

:) x
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