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this is a photo of me Harvey and my sister. This was a very happy day for me and my family as this was his first ever first place rossette(along with the other 2 that where coming our way)(im the one holding him). This was won in the waggiest tail class, we had to stand in the judges line with their tails wagging we also had to walk with their tail wagging and when the judges came up to us they had to be extremely happy. as you all may know cockapoo's have a tendency to get extremely excited over nothing- this is what Harvey did in this comp(thank god!!). i spoke about us competing him in my 'About Me', only in fun shows- nothing serious however i do tend to get a bit competitive but nothing too much.

The other photo is of me standing in the judges line with him- he was on his best behavior for once!

this is a very proud moment for me as this was only his second competition!



1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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