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Now I have a second dog on the way (Yippee) I'm looking for a solution for them both to travel in the back of my Skoda Fabia Hatchback. I currently use a 30" crate for Flo but this won't be big enough for two dogs and I can't fit a larger crate in the boot.

www.barjo.co.uk do tailgate guards made to fit car specific car models but at over £200 it would be worth more than the car :eek: and wouldn't be any use if I end up changing my car.

Does anyone know of a universal tailgate guard or other solution that would stop my dogs jumping out of the back of the car when I lift the lid other than tethering them to something inside the boot?

PS I do know that I can train them not to jump out but that's not easy when arriving at flyball training with a very excitable dog and a puppy in tow and only one pair of hand!!!
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