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Head dangle!

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Just wondered if it was a normal cockerpoo thing or just our daft pup but whenever Dudley lays on something above ground to snooze he will have his head dangling over the side, usually sideways, it looks really uncomfortable with his neck stretched - got some pics may try and post later. Do any of yours do this?
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No Mine too!!
Don't notice it as much now as he is no longer allowed to sleep on sofa's in the lounge but in the day he sometimes naps on the playroom sofa and his head always 'dangles' over the edge! It doesn't look comfortable but must be I guess
Tilly does it to. Wonder do they like the head rush😄

Jeanie x
Yep... Molly does this too when she's lying on her little cushion :D... I Always want to reposition her but she just gets back to where she was!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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