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Here are some photos!

Buddy: Pre-mud. So blonde and clean!!

Milo, ready to go!

Inca, I think!!

Buddy taking a dip

"It's too cold!"




I think Vincent has given up!

A hunter in the making

Poser? Me??

I have no idea what is going on here or even who this is!! But it makes me laugh and sums up the day I suppose! :D

My boyfriend has some more if anyone wants them emailing full size. However, most photos are of puppy Vincent - Eddie was obsessed with him! Hope you like the photos :)

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ooooohhh myyyyy goooosh! I am completely having a cute overload! Sorry I sound so self centred but waaaa Vincent is so cute! xD

Laura, if I send you my email address can you send me the photos? We would love to have them :D

Eddie took some great shots, I love the one of Buddy at the top :p
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