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Hello All

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Hi everyone, my name is Jeri and I'm a lover and breeder of Cockapoos. I have been a fan of these dogs for a very long time, my sister-in-law raised Cockapoos 40 years ago. I have three female Cockers and one male Toy Poodle. My favorite color is Chocolate but I also raise Sables and will hopefully have Buff Cockapoo puppies next year. I am looking forwrd to getting to know everyone and seeing pictures and hearing stories about your Cockapoos.
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hey welcome.

would love to see photos of your dogs, have you kept any of the cockapoos you have bred.
Thanks....I am a new breeder of this breed, have only had three litters. I would love to show you pictures if I can figure out how to put them in my message.
Hey Jeri! Welcome to the site :) . Chocolate's my favorite color too. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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