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Hello! :D

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Hi there,

I'm Keeley, and I live in Aberdeen in the UK, and I have an 8 and a half week old Cockapoo called Jarvis - his mum was a cocker and his dad a miniature; this is his third day with us.
I have been lurking for some time waiting with excitement to get my puppy, and just wanted to say that this site has brought me a lot of very helpful tips - looking forward to joining in now!

Hellooo from Jarvis and I! :)

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hey welcome, love the name jarvis.
Thank you! :)
Saw the pictures of Delta and Echo on another post - gorgeous dogs! I was just getting my bf to come and look!

Welcome! U will enjoy this site so much. Make sure u post lots of pics so we can see!!!! :]
love the name! :):)
Thanks everyone! Looking forward to getting involved!
Such lovely dogs!
Will post some good pictures when I can - finding it's difficult to photograph a black dog! Haha.
oh my heavens, i just noticed your name is Keeley! it's one of my very favorite names! i had a bunny named Keeley, and she was just such a lovey! i lost her after only a few months. :bunny3:

when we got Cassie, i really thought about changing her name to Keeley or Grace... but i mean, she's 2 and has always known the name Cassie. and it's a nice name anyway, so we just kept it. but i adore Keeley. :love-eyes:
Hi there glad your posting welcome to both of you ... is nt it just annoying when you cant prove how gorgeous our black babies are x
Hello from a mummy still waiting. Wow 3 days and from your avatar pic he looks very cute. I read on someone else's post that it was difficult to photograph a black dog!! Is he settling and do you as a very new mummy have any top tips?
Hello! Sorry it took me ages to reply - not been on in a while - kept busy by a certain puppy. You might not even see this now!
Wow! I don't know if I'm the best person on here to give tips, but all I can say is be patient. They are such incredibly intelligent dogs, and they pick up things so fast!
I was worrying because to begin with Jarvis cried, but he go over it in a couple of days and now you only hear him if he wants you to hurry up with dishing up his food, with his little gruff bark! Haha.
It's so rewarding. And as he gets older, he's still pretty much impossible to photograph!

Remember to post up lots of pictures of Holly when you get her so that we can see! :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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