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Hello everybody!

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I'm Patty, a new member to the forum and the very proud mother of two handsome cockapoos: Stanley and Oliver!
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Hi Patty, Stanley and Oliver

Please tell us all about your lovely boys... :)

Enjoy the forum .. we are all cockapoo friends on here xxx
Thats another fine mess they've gotten you into Patty ;)... love your user name, Im liking your humour. Welcome look forward to seeing your boys x
hwy welcome, do you have any photos of your boys. how old are they. and what kind of cockapoos are you.
Hello and welcome, can't wait to see your boys :D x
Welcome to you, Stanley and Oliver!!!
:welcome: Patty, Stanley and Oliver
Welcome ... Stan and Ollie, love it. Look forward to seeing photo of them. :)
Hi and welcome! Love your boys names and look forward to hearing about them. :)
Welcome Patty, Stanley and Oliver! Do tell us more about your boys and post some photos. I'm imagining them in little bowler hats at the moment!

Karen x
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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