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Hello Everyone!

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Hi there! I've owned my cockapoo, Sawyer, for almost 11 months now. We (my BF and I) got him from a shelter when he was eight months old, so he's about 19 months old now. He's black and white, about 20 pounds. We didn't have any specific breed in mind when we were looking at dogs (except that they are low-allergy), but I am totally smitten by this breed! I love the curly hair and floppy ears, and I love my baby's markings. Sawyer is such a sweetie and everyone falls in love with him when they meet him. No one ever guesses what breed he is, though! Here are some pictures:

And one for Halloween:
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Oh how lovely beautiful markings ... Im getting a white and black pup in a fortnight I hope her markings turn out to be as gorgeous as Sawyers . Would post a picture but have only just managed to put some on it took forever and could nt get them a decent size like yours they ened up thumb prints w.. will have to do a computer course cos im rubbish :confused:
Oh I did the photobucket thing!!! I read the instructions from another post but it kept telling me my images were too big so ended up with picture you can hardly see ... computer buff I am not :confused:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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