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Hello everyone...

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Already having trouble finding my way around. Totally new to me. Just got this new cockapoo last summer and she is so smart and loves everyone. I'm excited about her and would like to hear what others have to say about their dogs !!!
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hey welcome what is your cockapoos name what colour is she.

if you need any help feel free to post on the forum or send me a privet message which you can do by clicking on my name it will give you a drop down menu and just click on privet message
Welcome to the site! :) If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. But first, let's see some pictures! :welcome:
Thank you so much for the welcome

Everyone is so far away. I think I will learn a lot because of that fact. New ideas so to speak. I did post a pic in the Gallery. My pups name is Chloe and she is an apricot color. Still trying to navigate my way around.

Thanks All !!
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aww she is lovely very licke a cockapoo i know but lighter in colour.

if your adding photo to the gallery and want to put them in a post, go to the photo and scrole down you will see 2 codes copy the first one and past it when you post a messege
She's lovely and has a really elegant look about her.
aww is she in a boat?
Yes, we go on the Susquhanna River in a boat or in an inner tube. Loads of fun! That River is about 2 hours from me.

Thanks Kendal for adding that pic for me I'll try it soon.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.
That sounds great! We go to a lake in upstate NY, almost to Canada, every summer and I can't wait to get Rufus in a boat! Though he already gets car sick I can't image a rocky boat hahaha oh well, practice practice practice!
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