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Hello from expectant cockapoo mummy

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I've been reading up info for months and now it's time to join your lovely forum. We have chosen a beautiful cream little girl who is 2 weeks and from a family breeder near Burnley. We met the adorable mum and dad and they both seemed very friendly and calm dogs.
We won't be able to collect our new pup (Ruby) until she is 10 weeks as we have several Olympic tickets but really cannot wait..
Have already bought her first snugly toy and my 12 y.o. Daughter and I have decided if we buy one puppy item a week the time will go quicker.
I'm sure I'll have lots of questions to ask soon.:)
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Great news Tracy, look forward to meeting Ruby are you near Burnley, not too far from me xx
Congrats and looking forward to seeing some pictures of Ruby xx
Welcome Tracy, can't wait to see pics of Ruby :D
Hello, it's very exciting isn't it. But the weeks can drag by! We've got two weeks until we collect our little boy....

Several Olympic tickets?!.....show off! :p :) lucky you..enjoy!
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