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Hello, All-
I found my little buddy, Black Beard, in the ruins next to my friend's school, where my friend was trying to take care of him, as best he could. My friend didn't really know any better about caring for a dog. When my friend went on a trip and left HIS friend in charge of the dog, I found my pup hog-tied in his rope (his hair, literally matted to it), and not able to reach his (leftover human) food and water :eek:!! I straight away took out my Leatherperson ;^) (pocket tool), freed the dog, and took him home!
Since then, I've been taking great care of him, and he's flourished! Black Beard's my best little bud!
I'm pretty sure he is a clean-bred ****-a-poo, who belonged to a nice Israeli family or perhaps some tourists, and he just got lost from them. Since I've cleaned him up and ridden him of his worms, fed him proper dogfood, electronically chipped him, etc.; he's now looking gorgeous and healthy, and he's soooo full of energy! He's around a year-and-a-half, judging from his beautiful, white teeth, and "teenager-like" attitude. I knew when I moved here (Safed, Israel), that I'd find my dog, and lo, I couldn't have done ANY better than this little lovee!

The pictures attached are a few months old, before I trimmed Black Beard (from when I first got him, and he was still straggly). Recent pictures to come soon!




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Hi AriEliyah! I'm glad you joined us. It's sad Black Beard got separated from his pack, but I'm glad you found him and have given him a second chance. You're a good person for doing that!:)
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