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Hello from Jersey's family

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Hello everyone...I was overjoyed to see there was a group of folks who have something in common with me....they love Cockapoo's!!! I have a puppy that is now 4.5 months old named Jersey. He is the smartest and most cute cockapoo. He is adored by my three daughters and rounds out my house as the 6th member of the family. I look forward to meeting new friends on here and learning a ton about Jersey's breed. This is our first family pet and so far..I have a ton of stories to remind my kids of later about him!!!

Peace and love,

S. Martin
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He's cream. I posted a pic of him on my profile. I see there are tons of babies on here that favor him! That's too cute!
Thanks for the welcome guys! Jerseypoo...your Jersey looks like mine! I sure hope he is as sweet as mine. Jersey is sweet but mischevious! I guess they are all that way for a while!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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