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I've only just joined your forum and I would like to say that I am looking forward to chatting to you all.

We have been snowed in here for the best part of a week and, while it was great intitially, we are getting fed up now. Walking is great fun for the dogs but less so for us humans.

I am a retired education manager who currently owns three rescue dogs - Max, 8, a collie x, Pepsi, 9, a Parsons Russell Terrier and the delightful Freda, 22 months, my cockapoo!!

I help out at a local rescue centre and, among other things, I foster for them. Freda came to me after spending 4 days hovering between life and death, having been poisoned and thrown for a car. I nursed her back to health and couldn't let her leave! She is a delight - lively, sweet, submissive, funny. She is so different from any other dog I've owned and I am looking forward to learning all about the breed from you other owners.

Pat x
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