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Hello from Treacle and Nadine

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Hello fellow Cockapoo owners - we have had Treacle for 2 weeks now - a black and Tan bundle of mischief.
Currently mouthing and biting [Toys and us] - hoping to stop this shortly as the children think it is funny at the moment but it will soon lead to tears!

we got her from SYLMLS cockapoos North of Lincoln - so any brothers or sisters would be great to know x
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Hi Nadine , Treacle s a lovely name , there are quite a few relatives on here x
Hi Nadine & Treacle .. great name for her colouring

Please post pics ... so we can all coo over her :)

Enjoy the forum, it is very good fun xxx
Welcome Nadine and Treacle. She looks so cute, in her picture on your profile page. I take it your loving your new addition :)

How old is Treacle?
Post some more pictures so we can all see how cute she is :D
hey welcome, my Echo and Delta and her half sisters and my Gypsy and Inca are her aunts love the name, come on where are the photos of treacle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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