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Hello, I just joined this forum today. About 3 years ago my wife insisted that we adopt this dog that was in a shelter about 50 miles from us. At the time we already had 5 dogs and I told her that we didn't need another but I agreed to go look at the one she found on the internet. It was a male cockapoo about 3 to 4 years old. We ended up adopting him and he has turned out to be my best friend. In fact, right now as I'm sitting at my computer typing this he is on his lying on his pad under my desk. He's waiting for me to go back into the family room so he can sit with me in "our" chair. I never knew a cockapoo could be so much fun and have so much love. I'm self employed and work in my computer shop about 30 feet from my house and Odie is with me every minute.

I joined this forum so I could learn more about cockapoos and read about other owners and their dogs.

Here's a pic of Odie:

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