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hello newbie on board

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hello all:) im looking for advice and information on cockapoos because we feel the time is right to add a dog to our family and what better breed to share our home with than a cockapoo:p
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hey welcome,

do you know what your after English (show or working) or American cocker cross Toy or Mini poodle. boy or girl,, do you have a colour in mind

what made you go for the cockapoo
Great choice going for a cockapoo.. they are the perfect pet in my opinion.
Hallo doodlebug, tell us more about yourself and your hopes for a new pup.
hiya and thanks for the warm welcomes:D

im not fussy about the colour, and im not sure what the difference is looks wise of the puppies of the two cocker breeds and the show and work types:confused: so im not fussy on this point either, i just want a curley haired one:p and we've decided a boy would be best for us:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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